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I spent years of my life (over a decade, actually, but I don't like to 'age' ​myself) providing one-to-one support for neurodiverse children and their ​families. This experience ranged in complexity, and shifted over time. I have ​provided classroom support, IEP advocacy, behavioural therapy, parent ​coaching, and spent years as a college instructor. The thing is, while loving ​what I do, I only reach one child or one family at a time. Which, is great, but ​what about the 20 other children in the classroom who are without ​appropriate support, understanding, or instruction?

Enter: Bloom Behaviour. Professional education - for the educators. I'm able ​to take my extensive experience, background, philosophy, and transfer it to ​a classroom of educators. These educators then go out into the academic ​world with better understanding, actionable strategies, and the drive for ​"inclusion" stamped on their hearts. They reach more children together than ​I ever could alone.

Bloom is creating a movement. One where educators are empowered, ​equipped, and excited to confidently engage with neurodiversity. One ​where parents can communicate their advocacy like the experts they are. ​We're shifting the perspective away from "bad behaviour" and rooting our ​interaction into a complete, foundational understanding of these diagnoses. ​We're re writing the narrative of what it means to be supported, what ​inclusion really looks like, all while validating children along the way.

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Current Sessions

The Inclusive Classroom:

The Inclusive Classroom will give educators ​the foundational knowledge of an autism diagnosis, the​ implications for social emotional learning, and insight how​ to best support children on the spectrum in an inclusive​ manner.​

Topics covered: autism spectrum disorder,​

routines, functions of behaviour, positive language​

use, sensory processing, augmented & alternative​

communications (AAC)​

Functions of Behaviour:

Functions Of Behaviour explores in depth the various ​potential cause of behaviours, the language we should ​be using to speak about them, and how we can prevent ​behaviours from occurring in the future. We will discuss ​positive and negative reinforcement, and dive into the

complexities of responding appropriately rather than ​reacting.

Topics covered: neurodiversity, behaviour, positive ​language use, antecedents/consequences, ​reinforcement, classroom strategies, and the

impact on peer relationships

Mother or art therapist and child paint watercolor together at h
Kindergarten kids outside

Transitions to Kindergarten

Explore the complexities of the largest transition in early ​years education - kindergarten. Educators will learn the ​importance of pre requisite skills, what is really required for ​the K classroom, the social emotional development for young ​children, as well as self advocacy for their profession.

T​opics covered: learning styles, social-emotional learning, c​hild development, pre-requisite skills, early years f​ramework, pedagogica​l intent, advocacy

Sensory Processing: Inclusive Spaces

Engage in what it means to be “hypersensitive” and ​“hyposensitive” in terms of sensory processing, functioning, ​and regulation. We explore the core causes of these ​struggles, and how as educators we can best accommodate ​them within our physical classroom environment. We will ​cover explicit strategies to determine areas of struggle for ​children in our care, and create actionable plans with simple ​strategies to make our space more inclusive.

Topics covered: neurodiversity, sensory

functioning, processing, regulation, inclusion,

classroom strategies & environmental impacts on

sensory processing

*lectures are continuously developed. Not finding what you're ​looking for? Inquire directly to create your custom workshop.

Educator Testimonials

"Monica's in depth knowledge provided new aspects in knowledge and ​tools for me to expand my skills and the relational practice I strive for."

"An incredible speaker with excellent knowledge. I look forward to ​taking many more workshops."

Functions of Behaviour workshop

AD​HD workshop

"I love her "PRAISE" approach. She has a broad ​unde​rstanding with a long lens about inclusivity."

Inclus​ive Classroom workshop

"I was blown away by how honest and informative she is. ​She gave all of us such an incredible insight into ​neurodiversity and a deeper underswtanding to how we ​can celebrate and encourage inclusion in our practice.."

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