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Who i am

About Me (she/her) & my Philosophy:

I have spent the last 13 years providing support for neurodiverse children and their families. These years provided me the opportunities to aid in classroom support, IEP development and advocacy, behavioural & play-based therapy, parent coaching, instructing college programs, and serving as a Director of Specialized Education & Inclusion. Now, I’m fortunate to extend this extensive experience to other educators - facilitating professional development and mentorship in not only understanding neurodiversity, but stewarding best practice strategies.

Practising from a social model of disability, I believe that all children are capable and hold value. I fundamentally uphold that environmental supports will either encourage the success, or amplify the struggles, of all children. As the adults and the educators in the room, it is our responsibility to not only understand neurodiversity at a deep level, but to then honour this divergence through the choices we make daily within our practice: our language, our instruction, our physical spaces, and our educational philosophy. How do you view success? How do you view struggle? How do you communicate these points to your colleagues, to families, and most importantly - to children? Let's explore together.

what i do

Skills & Proficiencies

Professional speaking

As a speaker I pride myself on utilizing easy to understand explanations of the complex, abstract concepts. Each session is tailored to participant need, with actionable strategies that can be implemented the same day. As a professional who understands neurodiversity, as well as the various domains of learning, my sessions extend beyond lecture with: group discussion, activities, resources for reference, and open question and answer.

Consultancy & mentorship

Whether you are an individual or a centre / school, I’m honoured to be invited into your space to provide direct collaboration and support. Often educators and parents will participate in workshops and later want more specialized, tailored, 1:1 support in better understanding and caring for their children at a deeper level. This is a great opportunity for you to received individual strategies for your specific environment, staffing, resources, and children's needs.

ADHD: Classroom support

A foundational understanding of ADHD, executive functioning, and the impact on early childhood classrooms. We explore the history/stigma behind ADHD, how it fits under the neurodiversity umbrella, as well as the role of environment. We will dive deeper into self regulation, impulsivity, and the implications ADHD has for learning.

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Functions of Behaviour

Explore in depth the various potential cause of behaviours, the language we should be using to speak about them, and how we can realistically prevent them from occurring in the future.

We will discuss positive and negative reinforcement, the philosophy of behaviour as communication, and the complexities of affirming response.

The Weight of Words

An introduction to philosophy, language, and how the words we choose impact the children in our care. We explore the social model of disability, growth vs defecit mindset, and harmful terminology. Participants learn that language is not simply descriptive, its preformative.

honouring the journey

Self reflect on past philosophy, stigma, and approaches to educating neurodiverse minds. We will explore the social perceptions of ADHD & Autism. Arguably, all of us have been exposed to out of date language, drawn incorrect conclusions, and acted with false or incomplete information within our care. You will be supported to make actionable and inclusive goals.

Professional Partners

"I love her "PRAISE" approach. She has a broad understanding with a long lens about inclusion."

"I can immediately put the information into practice! Monica's examples were so spot on which I really appreciated. It feels like workshop/textbook finally = practice."

"I was blown away by how honest and informative she is. She gave all of us such an incredible insight into neurodiversity and a deeper understanding to how we can celebrate and encourage inclusion in our practice.."

"Monica's in depth knowledge provided new aspects in knowledge and tools for me to expand my skills and the relational practice I strive for."

"An incredible speaker with excellent knowledge. I look forward to taking many more workshops."

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